Five birds that are going straight to fucking hell

  1. This bird

Look at this shit. Blue? Really? Yea, that’s a reasonable color to be. Fucking idiot. We’ll see how blue you are when you fly down to hell, how about that? Bitch.


2. This goddamn bird

I bet you don’t want this bird to go to hell do ya? Well too bad, because this motherfucker is going straight to hell right after I tell him straight to his putrid beak, “You’re going to hell."

3. Oh my god this one too

Oh for fucks sake, have you ever seen anything so abhorrently ridiculous in your entire life? Is this one of those talking birds? God I bet if fucking talks. Disgusting. I wonder if this mosaic of filth will have anything to say to Satan’s ass when he meets it.

4. Yes, this one too

What? You think I forgot about this one because it doesn’t fly? Well think again, because this useless fishbird ain’t escaping my wrath once I round up the entire avian kingdom and send them to the underworld Amazon Prime style. Two-day shipping.

5. Whatever the fuck this is

I don’t give a shit if it’s a bird or not, it’s absolutely going to hell when I say so. You get no input. Just look at it, everything about it is wrong. Big disgusting eyes, big disgusting flaps, big disgusting soul. I won’t lie, I’m gonna enjoy watching this furry bat glide right into Lucifer’s arms. Then we’ll see how much sugar you got left. Bitch.