A Press Release from The Madison Misnomer - Hitchner replaces Greenfield as Editor-in-Chief

In the annual changing of the guard, University of Wisconsin Junior Dakota Hitchner will replace UW Senior Kaden Greenfield as the Editor-of-Chief of the Madison Misnomer for the 2017-2018 academic year. Greenfield served as first in command from May 2016 to May 2017.

Hitchner joined the Misnomer staff as a freshman during the fall of 2014. She served as managing editor for the 2015-2016 academic year before she assumed the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the current academic year. She will serve as the third female Editor-in-Chief since the inception of the Misnomer in 2007.

Greenfield said he is confident in Hitchner's editorial ability, professionalism and commitment to journalistic and comedic excellence.

"I've known Dakota for nearly three years. She has been a tremendous asset to the Misnomer, both in and out of weekly meetings," Greenfield said. "Her academic drive, attention to detail, diligence, and skillful approach to comedy will suit the Misnomer well as it continues to comment on the issues affecting both the student body and the world at large."

During his tenure as Editor-in-Chief, Greenfield spearheaded the transformation of the Misnomer's digital presence with the introduction of an up-to-date, streamlined website and the revival of the publication's Twitter account. He also oversaw the rebranding and emergence of the Misnomer's multimedia satellite team, Bucky Vision, appointing UW junior Cooper Bohn as Creative Director. Both facets of the publication experienced an exponential increase in website traffic and social media interaction, an event Greenfield said he valued as his number one priority during his tenure.

UW sophomore and Staff Writer Paul Tael will take over Hitchner's vacant position as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Staff Writers Nik Checots and Donovan McBride will take on Managing Editor positions and Staff Writer Maddie Braun will serve as the organization's Events/Publicity Coordinator. 

With the transition in leadership comes a new approach to satirical journalism as it relates to the subject matter it brings to light.

"As the political landscape of Wisconsin and the nation continues to shift, it is important as it ever has been to maintain a high degree of journalistic and satirical shrewdness," Greenfield said. "The individuals in charge of keeping this as the objective in the future are more than competent. I look forward to seeing what the Misnomer puts out under their supervision."

The Madison Misnomer will continue to augment its online presence, publishing new content as often as possible. Hitchner said she hopes to reintroduce the print issues the publication has had in previous years, as well as add special emphasis on membership recruitment.

As Greenfield concludes his editorial position, he expresses his gratitude for his staff.

"It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know everyone on staff and watching their writing progress over the course of this school year. The future, with these individuals, is very bright."