Hobby Lobby to offer additional 5% tax cut on female hygiene products if boyfriend buys for girlfriend

As several companies adjust to the new tax cut on female hygiene products, one specific company has chosen to take this initiative to a new level. In addition to adhering to the tax cut, Hobby Lobby also plans to offer an additional 5% tax cut if the boyfriend buys for the girlfriend. With this decision, they hope to inspire other stores to do the same as well as reinforce the importance of chivalry and of women not being able to think or act for themselves.

As Wisconsin works to remove the tax from feminine hygiene products, Hobby Lobby is just one of the many companies offering their support for the cause. Hobby Lobby felt obliged to step up in order to promote their little-known sale of these products.

“A lot of people don’t even know we sell feminine products,” salesman Robert Fergus said. “They usually miss this section of our store which is snuggled right between the ribbons and scrapbooking.”

“It only makes sense that men get an additional discount for these products. I’m sure this product, and all of our products, would never have been made possible without the genius of men!” cashier Gail Robins says.

While the company is allegedly excited for this new business opportunity, many boyfriends are confused as to why they are the ones who must purchase the feminine hygiene products.

“I don’t really get why I have to buy these for my girlfriend. It’s becoming a monthly thing which is a little excessive if you ask me,” local shopper and boyfriend Matthew Johnson said.