Fox News: “We care about sexual harassment when it loses us money”

Following advertising withdrawals in response to Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment allegations, Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly Wednesday. Fox spokesperson Victoria Spaith released a statement on the matter.

“After reviewing the situation, carefully examining every way in which this would impact our ad sales, we have determined that sexual harassment is not OK,” Spaith said. “It was a very hard decision, considering that how much money Bill has made us in the past has been more than enough to settle the lawsuits he got himself in.”

Fox news has run into issues with sexual harassment, with former CEO Roger Ailes resigning after allegations of his own. To combat sexual harassment, Fox has implemented a four-step program that will make sure any allegations in the future won’t hurt the bottom line.

The program is called C.A.S.H. and it stands for 1) Consider if this woman would speak out if you were to harass her. 2) Always be ready to discredit her if she decides to speak out. 3) Settle if you have to, our lawyers will make sure we lose as little money as possible. 4) Help your fellow coworker by not telling anyone about their sexual harrassment.

“We here at Fox News vow to protect women from sexual harrassment” Spaith continued. “But more importantly we vow to protect our advertisers from being associated sexual harassment.”