Four Earth Day activities you can do, but won't since they would inconvenience you

1) Don't eat meat today.

Half of all our carbon footprints come from the food we eat, of which the largest contributor is meat! If you want to make a small difference, eat no meat today. But, we understand if you already laid out some chicken breast to thaw, it'd be annoying to have to put it back in the freezer and make some pasta or something.

2. Attend a March for Science in your area. 


This would be an easy way to add numbers to a cause trying to urge politicians to use science to make evidence based policy decisions. Then again, what if you got sweaty?

3. Call your local representatives to ask them to take legislative action against climate change.



Yikes, not even sure why we suggested this one. 

4. Plant a native, bee friendly flower. 

Could be cute, and also very helpful for bees, especially if you live in a city! Then again, you could get stung, and didn't Cheerios already take care of that whole thing?