Local resale shop now accepting secondhand hopes and dreams

Olden said she displays this lizzie maguire board game as a model for the kind of dreams her customers would like to recycle.

Olden said she displays this lizzie maguire board game as a model for the kind of dreams her customers would like to recycle.

Local thrift shop owner of the Second Time Around store announced this week that her business model had room for expansion, with the next big step to accept donations of recycled goals.

“We’ve all got old intentions in the back of our closets that we’re still hanging on to,” the owner Jan Olden said Wednesday. “But let’s be real. We can’t fit into them anymore and we haven’t been able to for twenty years.”

Olden went on to explain that many dreams are “just too lofty to fit into a standard lifestyle,” no matter how sentimental they may be.

Many people are allegedly happy to finally have a safe way to dispose of these old ambitions. One local mother of three commented that she had “only felt guilty” with her objective to return to the workforce just sitting on a shelf in the attic, and hoped “someone else would put it to good use.”

So far, the upgraded policy has been quite successful, according to Olden. “Honestly, I can’t believe it hadn’t been thought of before,” she quipped modestly with a smile, “I may even have some false hopes to contribute soon myself, like one to someday climb the corporate ladder any higher than this. I bet that would be great for business!”

Already in the past week, the business has received donations of wishes for doctorate degrees, happy marriages and even one to publish a novel.

“I’m just so happy not to have to worry about fulfilling that anymore. This way, someone else can keep it in a storage bin under the bed for a decade,” the donor, Dave Cleary, said. He then happily exclaimed that it was heartwarming to imagine that someone else would soon be burdened by the insecurity and angst he had faced for the past several years. Cleary also dropped off imagined futures of a Nicholas Sparks romance and competing on American Idol before returning to his downtown apartment that he pays for with a corporate 9-5.

All in all, the revamped donation process looks promising for the business. Between this new option for shoppers and the store’s excellent selection of vintage belts, this local shop is in a good position to expand even further. Soon enough, Olden told us, she may be able to collect donations of forgotten hobbies, rejected societal expectations, or even unwanted residual attachments from past relationships.