How'd he do it? Style tips from the guy so hot he caught the attention of WiscAlert

It’s getting warm out there! With summer quickly approaching, we’re all gearing up to shed those extra layers and get ourselves marked as a security threat campus wide! Here are the four pieces you’ll need to create this dangerous look that will surely get you mass texted about.

#1 A Sexy Striped Jacket: Nothing says “Hey, I might cut you,” like horizontal green stripes in the classic style of Steve from Blue’s Clues. Keep yourself warm and sexy while everyone flees from your location with this bold and baggy top. For a limited time only, it’s 100% off if you steal it from a Macy’s now through next Friday!

#2 Unkempt, Blonde Aaron Carter Hair: If you want candy and you’re not afraid to stab someone to get it, this classic 90s do is the look for you! Some boys may be styling their hair or even combing it a little, but only men who leave their hair draped over their forehead make it on WiscAlert. The best way to achieve this look is to avoid showering for the next two weeks or so, and don’t be afraid to really flatten those bangs.

#3 A Gaped Open Mouth and Thousand Yard Stare: No look is complete without a face that says “But where even am I?” This spring, everyone is going to forego blinking and swallowing while menacingly wandering through library parking lots. Don’t get left behind!

#4 A Knife: What, no way? Yes way! This outfit isn’t complete without a fun weapon that matches your already unsettling style. Some people think knives are just for cutting fruit, but they’re actually a must have addition to really push this look into dangerous. Next time you want to have an altercation that makes everyone turn their head, you’re going to want to have this show stopper in your ensemble.