Mom’s house has surprising lack of 'Field Of Dreams' VHS tapes compared to Dad’s

Seven year old Sammy Rodgers of Middleton, WI reported Monday that between his two parents houses, his Dad has way more VHS tapes of Field of Dreams compared to his Mom.

“Yeah, Mom’s place has, like, a Roku, but Dad’s basement stash of VHS tapes is nearly entirely devoted to 80’s baseball movies,” remarked Rodgers, as he pulled out three copies of Dreams, a worn-down copy of Bull Durham and a videotape featuring Rodgers’ Dad, Glen Rodgers, in a high-school marching band performance in the Rose Bowl parade.

After further investigation at both houses, Rodgers confirmed his suspicions, saying that his Mom “had no shrine to the great Kevin Costner”, while his Dad’s house featured “two totally separate copies of The Untouchables. The original, and the second he bought when he thought he left it at Mom’s after the… the...”

At last report, Rodgers had returned to his father’s basement in the hope of finding a season one collection of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air tapes “to see what a family’s like.”