Vineyard Vines announces branded King James Bible with double shot glass holder

Following a series of announcements regarding new clothing in their men’s and women's departments, Vineyard Vines announced Tuesday an expansion to their clothing line to include religion-based accessories, including a bible with an outlet for a double shot glass.

“A large percentage of the people who wear our clothes are Catholic Business majors from the East Coast,” spokesperson Sharon Goldstone said following the announcement. “We want to reach out to that demographic and say ‘Your needs are heard.’ Our idea is simple; if you want to get your drink on while receiving the good word, do it with Vineyard Vines.”

Other product announcements included a Torah with a double shot glass holder and even a copy of Catcher in the Rye with a double shot glass holder. These are in an effort to be more inclusive of the large Jewish and atheist population on the Eastern Seaboard, respectively.

As of press time, there were discussions of releasing a Quran with a double shot glass holder, but Goldstone claims “it’s risky.”