Six foods your boyfriend who “doesn’t believe in giving head” ate on a dare

1) A raw garlic clove

Sure Brian isn’t very “adventurous” in the bedroom, but that doesn’t stop him from finding adventure elsewhere! He ate this entire raw garlic clove for three dollars. Worth it!

2) The peel of an orange


Chris ate this one after his friend called him a pussy. He’s not a pussy in the bedroom though, he just thinks eating women out is “kinda gross.”

3) Three month old Mexican leftovers



Jon consumed the entire 1,200 calorie meal three months after it was ordered! Reciprocating oral sex doesn’t cross his mind, but puking after completing this dare sure did!

4) Half a bottle of ketchup

Everet will give you a funny look if you suggest going down on you, but he happily drank up this bottle of ketchup so he could get the first pick in fantasy football!

5) Expired yogurt

Daevon once told you he “thinks pussy tastes gross” after you spent twenty licking his post-workout balls. You know what he doesn’t mind the taste of? The expired vanilla yogurt he ate for five dollars.

6) A nail

Will once ate a non-digestible aluminum nail after one of his pals suggested it. Speaking of nailing, he promises he can give you better pleasure with his dick, so why even bother?