Op-Ed: Why can’t a guy paint a swastika without being called a racist anymore?

In this day and age, it’s no secret that college students are coddled little snowflakes. Liberal ideology has always been popular on campuses such as UW-Madison, but now these ideas has morphed into something much more sinister and oppressive. It’s absurd how quickly these kids will jump to conclusions, immediately calling anyone who happens to tag a Jewish community center with a swastika “racist, neo-Nazi scum” without knowing the full story.

You’ve seen it in the news. An upstanding UW student placed under fire for putting swastikas on a Jewish floormate’s door. A witch hunt for some kids spray-painting graffiti on Langdon. Hell, entire protests where a bunch of crybaby libs show up for some woke cred to put on their Snapchat story.

I swear, the Left will create outrage out of any little thing. What’s a little swastika or wolfsangel going to hurt? After all, they were ancient symbols originating from many different civilizations. Isn’t that the sort of diversity liberals claim to want to see on our campus? These are representations of different cultures, which believed that putting runes on their huts would stop wolves from attacking their villages.

Don’t you people respect freedom of speech? After all, this country was founded upon the ideas of some very smart men, who just so happened to own slaves. Are you seriously going to live in this country and call the founding fathers wrong? Sorry sweetie, you gotta take the good with the bad - no exceptions.

Hear me out before you start twisting my words. The truth is, I’m really not racist at all. My Jewish friend agrees that our campus totally blow everything out of proportion. I think he’s Jewish anyway - he’s got a hooked nose and a Hebrew name, so close enough. I can get past that whole thing as long as they agree with me!

You will find no greater example of the utter cuckification of the Western world than in Madison, Wisconsin. I can’t walk inside a Trader Joe’s (a SJW store which I only frequent for their chips) for more than five seconds without seeing these hipster libs with their safety pins and their preferred pronouns. It’s tragic that this is our new norm, and anyone existing outside that narrative is labelled an “subhuman genocide apologist.” So my final question is: what gives?