Frat guy went to Ibiza for spring break 'for the scenery'

Remarking on the beautiful cliffs and vistas found on the Catalan island and his excitement for the wealth of ancient pottery on the island, University of Wisconsin senior and Alpha Phi Alpha member Dylan Patterson confirmed that he went to Ibiza, Spain over spring break purely for the scenery.

“Ibiza is a traveler’s dream” remarked Patterson, standing on the deck of his Hub apartment. “If you think about the history of Rome, Ibiza’s involvement in the second Punic War is crucial to the foundation of an empire. I think the opportunity to go back and see some of those beautiful and important sites is an amazing experience.”

Ibiza is most well known as a popular spring and summer destination for ravers and fans of EDM, as its nightlife is consistently ranked as one of the best and most wild in the world. But Patterson says he’s really not that interested in partying it up on spring break.

“Listen, spring break is only one week, so I want to make sure that I get the most out of it” remarked Patterson, setting up his beer pong table for thirsty Thursday. “The culture and tradition on Ibiza far outweighs any hard partying I might do.”

Patterson hopes to return from spring break early in order to study early for a Economics midterm, and some readings for his Introductory Arabic class.