Trump administration continues shifting political paradigms by failing to show respect towards anyone

Citing a continued lack of dignity and a whole bunch of what-the-fuckness, multiple political analysts reported that the Trump administration has shifted political paradigms primarily on the basis of not showing respect to a single human being.

“You could say it was after President Trump called Angela Merkel a ‘harlot’ that it really showed itself” said CNN senior political correspondent Charon Dansforth. “Ever since then Trump has really gone awol, even for himself. I mean, who even thinks that Malala Yousafzai is ‘Not cool enough for ya main man Trumpenstein?’”

This level of disgust with humans has even descended to various employees at the White House. Trump has apparently resorted to calling his closest advisors “pawns in the glorious machine of Trump” and the kitchen staff “the nom nom machine of Mr. Trump’s tum tum.”

Said Sandra Stevens, a food prepper in the White House kitchen, “One time, [Trump] walked in and jumped up on the counter and started flapping his arms. After squawking for about three minutes, he screamed into my ear ‘Time for the nom nom machine to give Mr. Trumpy the President bird some good food for his tum tum!’ It was the worst presidential encounter I’ve had since Bush did donuts around me in a Razor scooter before he got fed.”

At last report, Trump had taken to demeaning the garden staff, disguising himself in the bushes, then chasing after them when they came by.