Op-Ed: Why it’s okay to vilify Russia only when my political party calls for it

The world of politics is a tumultuous one indeed. With so much conflicting information in the age of fake news hysteria, there is little comfort to be found in the media, which is why we turn to those in power for guidance. After all, deciding what you think on your own is hard! That’s why I listen to the people I agree with most of the time to tell me what to think.

Recall back in 2012, when former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney stated Russia is “without question, our number one geopolitical foe.” This comment pretty much got Romney laughed right off the national stage, and many have brought it up once more in the wake of the election. But that was years ago, and things are different now. It was OK for Democrats to joke about it then!

When the DNC servers were hacked and Russia was blamed based on motive speculation, I knew it was right to jump onto the bandwagon, because McCarthyism can be justified if the people you trust with handling the affairs of a giant political party tell you there’s good reason. Because we need Democratic unity!

I can’t claim to know much about Russia. All my textbooks really had to say about the world’s largest country by landmass was that Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin killed a lot of people,  Nikita Khrushchev once banged his shoe on a table during a UN assembly and then there was something about a wall. But I know I can trust my party’s leaders to know what they’re talking about because at least they aren’t Republicans, right? This is why I feel confident in my total flip-flop in opinion about Russia.

As far as I can tell, my party is in the right! Hillary Clinton would be the next Leader of the Free World now if her campaign secrets hadn’t been stolen by Russian hackers with a basic phishing scam. And anyway, they aren’t even really secrets, just truths - all of them. Let me tell ya, Vladdy, we won’t forget this!

It’s obvious Russia’s interference in the election is the sole reason Hillary Clinton, whose campaign I supported from the very beginning, lost the election. Any talk of her failure to campaign in vital states, lack of voter enthusiasm and overreliance on polling data is total malarkey. That’s why #ImWithHer until the end, and if that makes me a bootlicker, then so be it.