Student willing to tweet whatever it takes to stop Donald Trump

In a brave display, University of Wisconsin sophomore Corey Dank announced his intention to use “biting wit” through Twitter in order to end the regime of newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump.

The UW student’s announcement came several days after Trump’s inauguration.

“I’ve had it with letting myself be pushed to the wayside by the powers that be,” Dank said. “Today, all of that changes. From this day forward I will tweet whatever it takes to stop Donald Trump, by any means necessary.”

Tweeting under the handle “dankluvr666,” Dank reports his “enthusiasm for change” coupled with “piercing, keen satire” will make his virtual fight against the Trump administration effective. A favorite example of his own subversive tweets aimed at Trump, framed on his bedroom wall, reads, “@POTUS Geez, have you looked in a mirror lately? Your hair looks disgusting and your policies are even worse!”

Dank says he chose Twitter, the social media platform favored by President Trump, for several reasons.

“On Twitter I can fire off some real good tweets in quick succession. The Orange Menace will never know what hit him when he sees my tweets," Dank said.

Although his account currently only has 28 followers, Dank says he feels optimistic his message of resistance will reach a large audience.

“I’m telling the power what the people have been keeping bottled up for a long time,” Dank said. “Calling people losers online has never felt more radical.”

“I want anyone looking for inspiration to fight back to know this: these days, you can do a lot without really doing anything,” Dank said. “I never thought I could be an activist, but it turns out it’s easier than ever with the Internet and all. The hottest discourse goes down on Twitter, and we can all be a part of the action! Going to marches and donating to charities is cool and all, but you gotta speak directly to the power if you want to change anything.”