Student posts reminder that Bernie Sanders would have won

Two weeks after Donald Trump took the Oath of Office and officially, unequivocally, became the 45th President of the United States, University of Wisconsin-Madison student Jacob McKinsay posted on Facebook that Bernie Sanders would have overcome Trump’s campaign, had he only be selected as the Democratic nominee.

“We could have avoided this situation entirely if only the DNC hadn’t rigged it for Hillary,” McKinsay’s caption read, accompanying a picture of Sanders shared by US Uncut. “According to polls during the primaries, Bernie was way more popular than Trump. He could have been inoculated [sic].”

When asked about his participation in the 2016 election, McKinsay said “I couldn’t decide between the lesser of two evils, so I abstained from voting. Have you ever thought that, like, maybe the government is lying to you? Why don’t you try wrapping your head around that, sheeple.”

McKinsay, describing himself at request as a “meme auteur,” is a junior at UW. He is “thinking about majoring in political science,” but as of now is unsure.

“I think I have some cool ideas that would make all the big politicians go, ‘whoooa, dude,’ but I’m also thinking about business so I can start my own bar specializing in blueberry craft beer.”

McKinsay reports that, despite the negative comments on his online post, he is unfazed in his belief that Senator Bernie Sanders would be “tearin’ it up in the Opal [sic] Office.”

“I think people are too afraid to say the things I’m saying, you know,” said McKinsay, donning a Guy Fawkes mask. “They just want to laugh away the things they are afraid of, but I’m not like that at all - I am an enlightened man.”