Area pregnant seahorse kicked out of mens bathroom

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Following the Trump administration’s rollback of Obama era bathroom laws, Americans are now forced to use the bathroom of their sex assigned at birth. This has created countless complications for transgender people, as well as other lifeforms that don’t align with human gender norms.

“I’m just trying to poop, man,” pregnant seahorse Serge said, who was kicked out of a men’s restroom by a bystander who thought he was a female seahorse. “Do people not understand that male seahorses are the one’s who carry the babies? I’m a boy. I have a penis. I also carry the baby. It’s complicated, but not that complicated. Gender is all over the place, why don’t humans get that?”

Following the release of the movie “Blackfish,” there has been growing support for aquatic animal rights. This support has allowed Serge to file a class action lawsuit against the Trump administration which, if won, would grant all lifeforms the freedom to use any bathroom they please. Representing Serge in court is Bruce from “Finding Nemo”, who uses the slogan ‘fish are friends, not victims of outdated ideas about gender’.

This suit is especially important for the clownfish population, claims Serge. Male clownfish turn into female clownfish if they are widowed, and those clownfish have been unfairly targeted as well.

Serge’s close acquaintance, clownfish Jesse, claimed to suffer the loss of his wife and now grapples with gender identity issues that he cannot control.

“My wife fucking died, okay?” Jesse said. “But if I look like a guy and enter a woman’s bathroom, that upsets you? You can screw right off, buddy.”